Contact : 1610 Route 130, North Brunswick Township, New Jersey 08902
1610 Route 130,
North Brunswick Township, New Jersey 08902
We appreciate your business!!! As our most valued customer, help us know what we are doing Good and where we can do Better.
Food is delicious. LOVED the okra dish.
Marjorie Madfis
The graciousness of Chef Nimma Reddy, the new owner of Bhog Restaurant in Pleasantville (the former Bollywood Bistro), and his staff will serve well this new arrival to Northern Westchetser's restaurant scene. His good karma of contributing a delicious chicken appetizer and miniature, cone shaped dessert as unique in ts appearance as it was delectable, helped make the opening night of "Radiance", the newest production from Axial Theatre (http://www.axialtheatre.…) an even more delicious, professional theatre experience. Alas, "Radiance" is only scheduled for a short, three-week production until May 19th. But if Bhog keeps cooking up masterpieces like these, it is guaranteed a long, long run!
Rob S.
Mamaroneck, NY
Delicious - order the fried cauliflower for an appetizer, any vegetarian dish and dont skip the naan!! Thier plain naan is great - its crispy, a little charred, chewy, salty and always hot. This place is fabulous and is some of the best Indian food I've had. But beware: it is easy to fill up and not leave room for dessert; I have yet to try any! The dessert menu looks authentic and really interesting, but I seem to always have one too many spoonfuls of rice.
Katie Cole
Great atmosphere, great selection of Nan and excellent food overall.
Mrs. Boom
Westchester County